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Urban Space Aquaponics

Urbanspace Aquaponics was born from the idea that food should be grown locally, within our city limits using the most sustainable yet technologically innovative ways. Everything we do at Urbanspace is driven by this simple idea. Our vision is to be a part of the movement that seeks to bring food back to our communities where wholesome, fresh food is locally available. We have built and operate the largest aquaponics farm in BC with over 2,000 sqft of growing space producing over 3000 vegetables a week. We also offer a wide range of aquaponics products that are designed to grow food in the urban environment while being a beautiful addition to the home décor.

We are authorized reseller of products from Back-to-the-Roots and The-Aquaponics-Source.

Ming Pao

Urbanpace was recently featured in the Lifestyle section of the Ming Pao Newspaper. Ming Pao is a Chinese-language newspaper published by Ming Pao Group in Hong Kong and is locally available in Vancouver. The articles speaks about the benefits of aquaponics and the role of Urbanspace in promoting it on both the agricultural and backyard spaces. For the complete article please visit the online Ming Pao newspaper


UBC's Thunderbird.ca: Futuristic farms making waves in B.C.

Urbanspace Aquaponics and its founder, Ahmed Aibak, were featured in UBC's Thunderbird. The article describes the state of aquaponics in the province and the role Urbanspace is playing to promote this sustainable form of agriculture. For the complete article please click here.