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5 In 1 Design Calculator
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5 In 1 Design Calculator
$25.00 (CAD)

5 in 1 Design Calculator

The one thing that scares aquaponics gardeners and farmers the most is the math that goes into designing a system. Well, may be the sight of dead fish floating in their tanks might be at the top of the list but the math isn’t too far behind. Behold the design calculator from our wizkid designers that will take away all the intimidation, guess work and headaches when you start designing your perfect aquaponics system. This calculator is designed to give you all the numbers you will need to build your aquaponics system only by putting the dimensions of your grow beds that you want to be build. The calculator uses the most current aquaponics research and theoretical data to calculate the outputs. The calculator excel workbook is divided into 5 separate calculator sheets giving you 5 separate tools in one:

  1. Backyard Design Calculator 
  2. Small Commercial Design Calculator
  3. Reverse Calculator
  4. Heating Cost Calculator
  5. Power Consumption Calculator

Click the video tab above to watch a video explaining the contents of the Business Plan.


  1. Backyard Design Calculator 

This calculator is designed to give you all the design parameters you need to build a backyard system by just the input of the bed width, length and the number of grow beds. The calculator is very intuitive to use and all the formulas used are visible so that as you familiarize yourself with the tool you learn the theory behind it.


  1. Small Commercial Design Calculator

The commercial calculator is designed to give you all the design parameters you need to build a small commercial system with just the input of the bed width, length and the number of grow beds. The resulting output values are water needed for the fish, fish tank size needed, number of fish tanks required, number of fish required, amount and weight of fish required and feed per day required.


  1. Reverse Calculator

The reverse calculator does the reverse calculations of the commercial design calculator. The design calculator gives you the amount of fish and fish related data as the output based on the input grow area, whereas the reverse calculator sheet has been designed to give you the total grow area that can be supported with a given amount of fish and feed per biomass ratio. This tool is extremely handy when you need to figure out the grow area or the number of rafts that will be supported by the amount of fish that you have in your system and the amount of feed you need to add each day. No more guess work in getting the amount of feed that is required by your system on a daily basis. Input data can be changed depending on your system requirement and is completely customizable.


  1. Heating Cost Calculator

The heating cost calculator is a bonus tool that allows you to calculate the amount of heat and the associated cost that will be required to heat your greenhouse for the entire winter season. No more what shape or size your greenhouse as long as you have the dimensions of the greenhouse, the outside and required temperature and your local fuel costs you can determine the seasonal cost of heating your greenhouse.


  1. Power Consumption

The Power Consumption Calculator is another bonus tool that allows you to calculate the power consumption of your aquaponics system based on the common power consuming components in aquaponics, mainly pumps, lights and the space and water heating systems. Once you input the kW power usage of these components which can be easily on the products labels and the usage periods the calculator will give you power consumption and electricity cost for the year.


Instructions on how to use all the calculators are provided in the workbook. 

Watch a video explaining the contents of the 5 in 1 Design Calculator by clicking the video tab above.To purchase the Design Calculator Package, click the button above to add it to your cart. Once you Check Out an email will be sent to you giving you a link for the downloadable .xlsx file.

If you are interested in learning indepth about the science, maintentance and the design process in aquaponics, check out our Online Aquaponics Workshop page.

Remember it’s not what you know you don’t know that matters, it’s finding out what you don’t know you don’t know that can really help you.

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