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Business Plan Template
$149.00 (CAD)

Business Plan Template
$149.00 (CAD)

Business Plan Template

If you are considering starting an aquaponics farm business then the first place to start is with a strong business plan. Writing a business plan is easy but getting the information that could potentially make or break your business is not. Why not get that information from people that have done it before?  


Our business plan template has been used in planning several aquaponics businesses and have been successful in acquiring funding almost always. If you are seeking funding or even if you are investing your own money a solid business plan will set you up in the right direction.

Click the video tab above to watch a video explaining the contents of the Business Plan.

Along with everything that is traditionally found in a well written business plan our template has a ton of content that is specifically written for a small scale commercial aquaponics facility. It is not just a skeleton of headings and subheading that requires you to do most of the writing it is complete with fully relevant content that you can use as is. Here is a list of what the business plan comes loaded with:

  • Over 50 pages of highly researched content
  • 9 chapters, over 40 detailed subsections. Click the PDF tab above to see the complete Table of Content.
  • Industry related market research
  • Industry trends and statistics
  • Market segmentation and strategy
  • Resources to help you find relevant information
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Easy to navigate formatting
  • Easily editable and plug in content
  • Figures and illustrations

And to give you as much value as we can, we will include 30 min of consultation time with Ahmed the founder and chief designer at Urbanspace Aquaponics to answer any questions you might have about the business plan or your business in general.

Watch a video explaining the contents of the Business plan by clicking the video tab above. To purchase the Business Plan Template, click the button above to add it to your cart. Once you Check Out an email will be sent to you giving you a link for the downloadable .docx file.

If you are interested in learning indepth about the science, maintentance and the design process in aquaponics, check out our Online Aquaponics Workshop page.

Remember it’s not what you know you don’t know that matters, it’s finding out what you don’t know you don’t know that can really help you.

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